Qualcare Nursing’s focus is in providing quality, compassionate care to your loved ones at home.
Our main goal is to promote independence and enhance the quality of life for seniors in our care.

Certified Nursing Assistants / Home Health Aides.
  • Provide personal care and grooming
  • Provide help with activities of daily living
  • Assist with bathing
  • Assist with ambulation
  • Grocery shopping, Run errands
  • Meal planning and preparation
  • Assist with letters, bill payments
  • Medication pick up and reminder
  • Accompany you to your doctor’s appointments
Hospital Sitters / Respite Care
  • Keep client company
  • Alert staff if something is wrong
  • Provide peace of mind for client and family
  • Allow family to go home and rest
  • Prevent loneliness
  • Reduce client boredom and depression
  • Ensure safety
Companion Services
  • Assist with phone calls, letter writing
  • Accompany on recreational outings
  • Provide social and emotional support
  • Medication reminder
  • Talking and listening
  • Promotes sense of well-being
  • Can accompany client on appointments

Care Is Easier Than Ever!

Let us treat your loved ones like family.
Call us directly — (954) 839-9819

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Gut Health and Antibiotics

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Healthy Living and Successful Aging

Growing older is inevitable, but there are many things we can do to avoid feeling older. Medical breakthroughs have and will extend our longevity, but how we decide to live as we age is crucial. Managing our physical health, maintaining relationships, being productive, taking safety precautions, visiting our health care providers often, and making adequate preparations to fund our retirement and long term care can help us make the most of our senior years.

When I realized my elderly aunt would need help at home on a daily basis, I became a little worried. I needed to have people I could trust around her, that would take good care of her. In this company, I found that. That special care and concern given to her are all that I could have asked for and more. The caregivers Gina and Elza take excellent care of my Aunt Frida and are like her nieces also, they call her “Tante Frida”. They are compassionate and empathetic; and the owner – Lennie- shows genuine concern and interest. He’s the best!
I feel like they are part of the family already!

Francoise K Sunrise, FL

It is my pleasure to give a testimonial to Qualcare.
My wife has received services form Qualcare for last one year.
We are extremely happy with their services.
The president of the company Leonard Bailey has an excellent and professional way of dealing with sick clients. He is very respectful, helpful, knowledgeable, and very polite.
His staff and he has provided the best possible services to my wife.
The staff is very punctual and caring. They are willing to go out of way to make the client comfortable.
I have no reservations in referring to anyone who needs home health care services.

Lalit A, Lauderdale by the Sea , Fl

Qualcare offers excellent service and show a personal interest in my husband’s well-being. He has excellent caregivers who give him the care he really needed, everyone from this company has made me feel so comfortable.

Myrtle M. Coral Springs. FL